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Advanced Topics in Slot Operations Independent Study @ UFN

Advanced Topics in Slot Operations Independent Study

The advanced topics in slot operations

seminar is comprised of the following

six sessions.


The Casino of Tomorrow

This will be a round table discussion and interactive session

that will help operational leaders understand and create

their vision of what elements are important in the slot

and table floor of the future. Discussion topics will range

from networked (server-based) gaming to the newest ideas

in marketing, customer reinvestment, and loyalty programs

on the gaming floor.


Game Purchasing

This session covers methods operators can use to evaluate

trial games and to set standards for purchase. We will

discuss how to structure trial parameters to ensure clinically

relevant results. We will also look beyond the base game price

negotiation to gain additional products and services.


A Deeper Look at the Slot Player


This session looks at the results of three studies that dispel

some existing management paradigms. The pay tables

or math of the games can greatly influence the player's

experience and ultimately his or her satisfaction. In this

session, the relationship between par and play time (a.k.a.

time on device) will be explored. Also, the relationship

between play time and the following variables will also be

explored: hit frequency, pay table volatility, and the coefficient

of variation of the pay table. The latter variable is simply

a measure that jointly considers a game's par and volatility.

The results of this research are controversial and insightful.

Casino executives are afforded key information regarding

the positioning of their slot product.


The Evolution of Slot Analytics:

Preparing for Tomorrow's


Our industry is at the beginning of an evolutionary process

that will require real time analytics and the ability to predict

opportunities that will not be realized unless strategic

processes are developed and in place to execute when these

opportunities present themselves. In this session, we will

look at the past, present and the future of slot analytics

and how technology will dictate a new way of managing

the day to day responsibilities of a slot floor.


How to Align Your Company

Strategies and People

This session will explore the nine strategic components of

a business to achieve long-term profitability and growth.

It will help you define what business you are in, who your

customers and competitors are, how best to position your

products and services in the market, how to increase revenue

and control costs, and how to ensure consistent quality and

service from every employee within your company. You will

also learn how to hold people accountable for delivering

on the "implied promises" each and every time a customer

patronizes your business.


Cutting Edge Issues in Casino


It used to be that marketing in this business just required

a key: unlock the doors, watch the money come rolling

in. But with the number of casinos up throughout the

world and the U.S. in the midst of recession, times are

tough for casino marketers. In this session, we will talk

about how smart operators are responding to shrinking

wallets and increased competition and discuss new tools

and technologies - Free Play (it isn't free!), electronic

promotions, automatic table tracking, and server-based

gaming, and how they are, and will change how we think

about, and do, casino marketing.