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Regulatory Courses for Gaming Industry Professionals @ UFN

Regulatory Courses for Gaming Industry Professionals

The business, procedures and practical application of gaming licensing, regulation, casino related criminal and financial investigations, compliance, and law enforcement are explored in this series of seminars aimed at educating gaming professionals in these crucial areas.
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Financial and Background Investigative Techniques

Participants will learn how to conduct in-depth background and financial investigations on individuals and business entities. Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills which can be used immediately to enhance their investigative efforts. Because the financial investigation is an essential component in a complete background investigation, the first day of the seminar focuses on financial analytical tools. Especially beneficial for professionals not experienced in accounting or finance, the seminar presents discussions and exercises involving financial terminology, how an accounting system works, how to interpret and analyze financial statements, and how to gather important information from tax returns. The second and third days of the seminar focus on how to investigate the background and financial history of applicants and vendors. A case study will be introduced which involves various methods of obtaining background information, analysis of personal and business financial activity, basic interview techniques, and how to conduct investigations of applicants from foreign countries.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Activity
The Law Enforcement seminar is geared for the official tasked with investigating gaming related criminal activities. Several topics will be covered. The Table Games presentation will explain minimum internal controls, how table games are cheated, card counting versus advantage play, managing a high profile case and preparing for court. The Money Laundering presentation will explain how to identify money laundering targets, outline the investigative objectives, the three stages of money laundering, law enforcement efforts, bank accounts and wire transfers, and methods of detecting money laundering. Dispute Investigations will address how to investigate and arbitrate a dispute between the player and the casino. Sophisticated cheating methods used on slot machines are also covered.

Group I Licensees Regulatory Compliance
Version 6 Minimum Internal Control Standards; meeting bankroll requirements; and live entertainment revenue reporting issues.

Group II Licensees Regulatory Compliance
Those with an annual gross gaming revenue of less than $5.31 million can expect from an audit.

Restricted Licensees Regulatory Compliance
This comprehensive program is designed for owners, operators, and managers of restricted license locations and addresses what a restricted licensee can expect from the routine compliance procedures.
Address some of the more common violations and how to prevent them. It will include a discussion of operational requirements related to progressive jackpots, supervision of the slot machines, minimum bankroll requirements, internal controls, record keeping requirements, problem gambling, and various other regulations. It will also address the live entertainment tax and applicable state gaming fees and taxes, and review the rules relating to promotional slot machines and promotional activity.

Gaming Employee Registration Training
Human resource representatives. The training will introduce the new online gaming employee registration system. The class is designed for human resource representatives and other personnel responsible for registering gaming employees. The Gaming Control Board's Employee Registration Unit demonstrates the new system.