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The International Gaming @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

The International Gaming @ UFN

The International Gaming @ UFN is part of the idependent study program. The goal of UFN is to be the premier source of information and training for the gaming industry. Our mission is to provide custom educational programs, conduct gaming research, and disseminate gaming knowledge, through seminars, webinars, classes, symposia, distance education, and publications, to businesses, governments, and industry professionals throughout the world. IG@UFN also conducts gaming research and studies closely the twice-yearly Gaming Research & Review Journals, publications that reache inside the gaming industry to cover up-to-date laws and regulations, management techniques, technology, trends and developments world wide.

UFN is an internet independent study facility that fills a much needed role in independent study. regulatory agents and Board and Commission members. The program is geared toward independent learning and is designed to broaden management and leadership skills while enhancing a participant's knowledge of gaming regulation and the gaming industry.

The International Gaming UFN regularly offers Gaming and Hospitality Professional Development Seminars and Courses on UFN campus. Online courses in Casino Management and Best Practices in Casino and Gaming Protection are also offered.