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Table Games Operations and Management @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

Table Games Operations and Management


Introduction to Table Games

For those unfamiliar with table games, this session provides
basic information on blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat,
how these games are played and dealt, how bets are won
and lost, and the computation of the resulting house
advantages. Relayed management and procedural issues
are also covered.


Table Game Hold as a
Management Tool

This session examines the primary uses of hold, what the
hold percentage actually tells you, what kind of decisions
you can make from looking at the hold percentage, the
relationship between theoretical win and hold percentage, and
what hitless win is and how it is important. Also discussed
are the variables that can affect the computation of hold
and a synopsis of the relationship between four of those
variables: hold percentage, table occupancy, table profit,

and table labor margin.