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Casino Accounting and Finance @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

Casino Accounting and Finance


Casino Cash Flows

This session offers a rare inside look into the income

statements of Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas repeater market

hotel casinos. It enables participants to see the results based

on the actual financial performance of these properties

using data submitted to Nevada gaming regulators. Both

consolidated and departmental income statements are

reviewed, as are the gaming industry's most commonly

reviewed record, the daily manager's report, to reveal

interesting sources and uses of cash flow. Finally, a review

of the historical revenue and profit contributions discloses

some shocking results related to the gaming mix. Things

are not always as they seem.


Financial Analysis of Gaming


Using finance utility theory, this session explains why people

gamble and how to analyze people's gaming propensities.

Attendees will learn how to classify players into risk-taker,

risk-neutral player, and risk-averter categories based on

their risk attitudes. Various gaming motivation strategies

will be discussed and effectiveness of different casino

promotion methods will be evaluated. In addition, attendees

will learn the player rating system according to theoretical

win contributions.


Casino Cost-Volume-Profits


This session presents the relationship between revenue

volume, costs, and casino profits. In this session, attendees

will learn how to identify fixed and variable costs, how to

decompose mixed costs into the two types of costs, and

how cost structure can affect casino profits. Strategies for

strengthening operation profits will be presented. As a

result of this session, attendees will be able to analyze the

effect of casino marketing, comps, and rebates on profits

and determine the efficiency of those activities.


Optimizing Game Hold to Increase


Lower holds encourage game play and increase the gaming

volume. Lower holds, however, may not necessarily increase

gaming revenues. This session presents the relationship

between hold, volume and win. Attendees will learn how to

identify the optimal hold that may help maximize the win.


Casino Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial ratios are important tools for casino managers to

monitor the financial performance and financial health of

a casino business. Attendees will learn how to use financial

ratios to evaluate liquidity, solvency, operating efficiency and

profitability of casinos. Financial ratios of Las Vegas-based

properties will be compared with industry benchmarks to

identify strengths and weaknesses.