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Gaming Professional Development Studies @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

Gaming Professional Development Studies

Additional Gaming Studies

The advanced topics in slot operations
seminar is comprised of the following
six sessions.


Casino Auditing Level 1

This course is designed for internal and external accounting/
auditing personnel and gaming industry regulators. Topics
include casino internal control and management's responsibility,
internal audit and the regulatory process, currency transaction
reporting, minimum internal control standards (MICS) and
the system of internal control, casino cage, slots, table games,
casino fraud, and analyzing casino operations.


Casino Auditing Level 2

This course is designed for casino audit professionals,
regulatory agency staff, tribal auditors, chief financial
officers, and CPAs. Topics include casino internal control
- a risk-based focus, analysis of casino financial statistics,
slots - inside the numbers, table games - inside the numbers,
casino marketing - designing effective marketing programs,
slot clubs, auditing and the information technology function,
surveillance, security, games protection, cashless wagering
and the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act.


Surveillance in Gaming

All levels of surveillance personnel who are employed in the
gaming industry should attend this two-day seminar, which
covers many aspects of surveillance and discusses emerging
trends that you will want to know. Topics include proactive
surveillance operation, slot game protection, surveillance
risks and liabilities, protection of table games, emerging
trends in game protection, and internal theft and fraud.


The Surveillance Directors
Academy (SDA)

Casino Surveillance is a unique and highly specialized area.
The ever expanding gaming industry and the changing
face of technology present unprecedented challenges and
opportunities for surveillance managers. The SDA has
been designed to give surveillance professionals the tools
they need to operate a casino surveillance system in the
"digital age".

This comprehensive week-long seminar, designed to
develop surveillance leaders for the 21st century, focuses
on how surveillance can add value to an organization. The
comprehensive course syllabus has been developed to
cover a wide range of topics with an emphasis on helping
surveillance professionals better understand digital CCTV,
IT systems, and casino accounting. As a participant in the
program you will enjoy the learning experience gained from
knowledgeable instructors, sharing ideas with your peers,
and restricted student numbers.