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Slot Operations and Management @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

Slot Operations and Management


Player Clubs and Trends in Player


Get the latest information on how casinos are using player

cards, how points are awarded and how they may be redeemed,

how technology is being used to improve service and decrease

costs, the great cash back debate, communication of slot

club rules and benefits, trends in third party comp benefits,

promotion ideas and other marketing trends.


The Effect of Bingo on Slot

Business Volume

Many repeater market casino operators offer bingo games

at a loss or marginal profit level under the assumption that

bingo drives slot play, but are you sure bingo is the best use

of your scarce casino floor space? This research session

examines this theory in a pragmatic and revealing way, with

some surprising results.


Slot Performance-Potential


This session is a must for casino executives wishing to

make better decisions with regard to future game purchases,

machine move decisions, and slot floor design. Attendees

will understand what is critical to a game's success on the

slot floor, and why one slot machine outperforms another.

With the goal of offering a customized and objective

performance benchmark for each game on the floor, a

variety of game locations and specific game characteristics

are examined in order to deduce their effects on how much

coin-in per day each game should produce.


A Deeper Look at the Slot Player


This session looks at the results of three studies that dispel

some existing management paradigms. The pay tables

or math of the games can greatly influence the player's

experience and ultimately his or her satisfaction. In this

session, the relationship between par and play time (a.k.a.

time on device) will be explored. Also, the relationship

between play time and the following variables will also be

explored: hit frequency, pay table volatility, and the coefficient

of variation of the pay table. The latter variable is simply

a measure that jointly considers a game's par and volatility.

The results of this research are controversial and insightful.

Casino executives are afforded key information regarding

the positioning of their slot product.


How to Align Your Company

Strategies and People

This session will explore the nine strategic components of

a business to achieve long-term profitability and growth.

It will help you define what business you are in, who your

customers and competitors are, how best to position your

products and services in the market, how to increase revenue

and control costs, and how to ensure consistent quality and

service from every employee within your company. You will

also learn how to hold people accountable for delivering

on the "implied promises" each and every time a customer

patronizes your business.


Basic Slot Math

How do slot machines produce a profit, or, for that matter,

how do all casino games produce a profit? This insightful

session will answer these questions and more. It will also

review an actual par sheet and cover the idea of managing

time on device and the machine-move decision-making

process. This lecture is a must for casino marketers and

managers, as the profit production process of games affects

many operating and marketing decisions.


Progressive Slot Machines

The intricacies of progressive games and the management

and accounting issues that surround them are examined in

this informative session. Participants will learn about the

different types and configurations of progressive games, how

progressive meters grow, alternative uses for long-standing

progressive jackpots, how progressive jackpots affect the

house advantage, how hidden meters work, Mystery and

Jumbo Jackpot mechanics, and issues unique to video

reels. The session concludes with a discussion regarding

the ability of progressive games to increase win, including

results from actual studies.


US Slot Industry Trends

The marketing and management benefits of server-based slots

are covered in this session, along with a basic description of

the various forms of this technology. Citing the results of

a survey of industry professionals responding to questions

relating to trends on their gaming floors, the discussion

includes thoughts on positioning strategy with regard to

house advantage and game variance, and popular games

and equipment-based features.


Design of Session II and Session

III Slot Games

This session will begin with an introduction to the mathematics

of casino games, and examine the definitions of Expected

Value (EV) and House Advantage and Variance (HAV) of

a game. A few examples of Session III slot game analysis

will also be presented. Following a brief discussion of the

session of a game, the mathematics involved in developing

Session II and Session III slot games will be outlined.


Slot Operations Layout and

Product Mix

Learn how to develop a successful slot floor layout, slot

product mix and product portfolio. This segment will

also cover denomination issues, multi-games, ticketing,

managing participation products, game mix percentaging, slot

merchandizing and promotions, signage and progressives,

bonusing and time-based tournaments, and customer

retention through value-added events.


Performance Analysis

Analyzing the performance of games is critical to maximizing

the results of the slot department. This segment will

cover the knowledge cycle (data to intelligence), data

collection sources, key ratios and formulae, developing key

performance indicators, managing by metrics, software tools

for management, Monte Carlo simulations for decisionmaking,

decision tree analysis and queuing analysis.


What Casino Management

Should Know About Video Poker

In most modern casinos there are several dozen types of

video poker --- like Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double

Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, Super Aces Bonus,

etc. They come as single line games, Triple Play up through

Hundred Play, and with and without progressives. This

segment will explain the differences between these games

in an easy-to-understand manner. It won't turn you into a

competent player, but it will turn you into a casino manager

who understands the differences between these games.


Player Club Tiers: How Many

Should You Have?

It's a trick question; some casinos should have none! There

is no universal answer to this question, but in this session we

will help you decide how to think about the right answer for

you. Whether you are thinking about having "stealth" tiers,

or three or more public tiers, we will discuss the importance

of building your tiered card around your player database,

population, marketing strategy, and facility structure. We'll

even talk about some of the best, and worst, conceived

tier structures to help you copy the leaders and avoid the

mistakes of the laggers.


Best Practices in Database

Marketing to Slot Patrons

Why do casinos send so much direct mail to slot customers?

Why does it work so well? This session will explore the

reasons why database marketing is uniquely suited to

address the marketing needs of the gaming industry,

explore best practices in designing and implementing a

database program including targeting and segmentation

approaches, developing successful offers, setting up a

campaign, designing and producing a mail package, and

tracking and interpreting results.


Casino Promotions: It's All About

Generating Incremental Profits

Gaming promotions offer every property, large and small,

the chance to increase excitement and provide customers

with a value-added experience for the gaming dollar. In

this session, we will talk about how to design the optimal

promotional strategy from start to finish including laying out a

quarterly calendar, developing a wide variety of promotional

concepts, and the importance of developing pro-forma

statements to ensure incremental profitability. We'll discuss

the importance of flawless execution, and new technologies

that can help ensure this. Then, we'll debate the importance

of post-analysis and learning, to help get the process going

all over again.


Customer Service Leadership

This session will cover what makes people perform and

apply these concepts to a practical process that will help

you develop outstanding customer service. Some of the

topics covered are developing behavioral customer service

standards for your department, developing a process for

measuring compliance with the standards, giving effective

feedback, and developing a recognition program.


Analyzing Your Competitors'

Player Reward Program

Learn why, when, and how to perform a competitive analysis

of your competitors' player reward systems.


Slot Protection from an

Enterprise Management


The session will focus on the current trends in the protection

of slot play with a look at recent scams and investigations,

and a discussion of the resources necessary to properly

manage the Ticket In-Ticket Out (TITO) experience.

How have the security and surveillance functions changed

(or have they?) with the migration from the traditional

machines to TITO? Determining what the threats really

are and the way you choose to deal with them today will

impact the future. We will explore some of available counter

measures to ethically address scams, employee theft and

cheating, and provide an overview of successful loss

prevention and protection techniques from an enterprisewide

management perspective.


The Casino of Tomorrow

This will be a round table discussion and interactive session

that will help operational leaders understand and create

their vision of what elements are important in the slot

and table floor of the future. Discussion topics will range

from networked (server-based) gaming to the newest ideas

in marketing, customer reinvestment, and loyalty programs

on the gaming floor.


Game Purchasing

This session covers methods operators can use to evaluate

trial games and to set standards for purchase. We will discuss

how to structure trial parameters to ensure clinically relevant

results. Also, we will look beyond the base game price

negotiation to gain additional products and services.


The Evolution of Slot Analytics:

Preparing for Tomorrow's


Our industry is at the beginning of an evolutionary process

that will require real time analytics and the ability to predict

opportunities that will not be realized unless strategic

processes are developed and in place to execute when these

opportunities present themselves. In this session, we will

look at the past, present and the future of Slot Analytics

and how technology will dictate a new way of managing

the day to day responsibilities of a slot floor.


Cutting Edge Issues in Casino


It used to be that marketing in this business just required

a key: unlock the doors, watch the money come rolling in.

But with the number of casinos up throughout the world

and the U.S. in the midst of recession, times are tough for

casino marketers. In this session, we will talk about how smart

operators are responding to shrinking wallets and increased

competition and discuss new tools and technologies, Free

Play (it isn't free!), electronic promotions, automatic table

tracking, and server-based gaming, how they are changing

and will change, and how we think about, and do, casino