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Tourism @ Universidad Fernando Noveno



Medical Tourism - What does it

mean for the Hospitality Industry?

One of the fastest growing segments of travel is that of

individuals traveling to other countries for medical treatment.

Whether this travel is linked to a vacation, or involving

necessary recovery time after the medical procedure, the

hospitality industry has a potentially new segment of guests

to serve. This session explores the regions where medical

tourism is growing, the six segments of this tourism, and

the potential opportunities and demands on hotels and

destinations in serving the medical tourist.


Introduction to the Timeshare/

Vacation Ownership Management


This session is an introduction to the timeshare and vacation

ownership industry, and why, with an annual growth rate

of more than 15 %, timeshare/vacation ownership is the

fastest growing segment of today's hospitality industry.

Every major hotel company in the U.S., and many more

throughout the world, are now involved in timeshare/

vacation ownership property development. Many substantial,

non-branded independent companies are also investing in

the industry as timeshare development markets, especially

in Asia, where they are very rapidly opening up.

The reasons for participation are obvious: profits from

this segment of the industry are substantial and the return

on investment is relatively fast, since most timeshares sell

out within five to seven years. Although a segment of the

lodging industry, timeshares are developed and operate

much differently than other lodging segments such as hotels,

motels, condo-hotels, and such. This session provides a

valuable foundation for understanding how to enter and

succeed in this fast-growing market segment.