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Hospitality Marketing @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

Hospitality Marketing


Destination Marketing

This session will introduce the fundamentals of destination
marketing and will place and examine them within the
context of tourism development. Practical examples will be
provided to illustrate the benefits of developing tourism.
Visitor segments will be identified and various marketing
strategies for creating and investing in tourism destinations
will also be discussed, in addition to how tourism agencies
are organized for the promotion of destinations.


Brand Management

The purpose of this session is to introduce hospitality
managers to the marketing literature on branding. We will
discuss things such as: What is a brand? How is brand meaning
developed? What makes a successful/unsuccessful brand?
Some new research on how to uncover brand meaning will
also be introduced.


Getting to Know Your Customers
on a Deeper Level: New Research

Traditional research methods (such as surveys and focus
groups) ask what customers think about your service, or why
they chose your service, or what attributes they find most
attractive in your service offering. Oftentimes customers
don't know, don't want to admit, or don't have the ability to
communicate that information. Newer research methods
based on the science of the mind have been developed
to help marketers probe more deeply into customers'
needs. This session will introduce managers to several new
research methodologies (such as response time software,
and different in-depth interview techniques).