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Convention Sales and Services @ Universidad Fernando Noveno

Convention Sales and Services


The Foundation of Convention

Sales and Services

This session will explore the foundation of convention,

conference, and trade show sales at hotels, resorts, and other

potential venues. An exploration of various markets, the

resort's goals in the sales process, facilities evaluation, and

the importance of contract negotiation will be included.


MICE Industry Overview in the


A review of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities

in the Meetings, Incentives, Convention and Exhibitions

(MICE) Industry including: size, economic impact, structure

and adjunct support industries, professional associations,

and efforts to standardize approaches. As the industry

becomes more global, challenges facing the United States

will also be explored.


Technological Influences on the

Meeting Industry

Technology is reshaping all aspects of how meetings

and trade shows are conducted, including: marketing,

registration, networking, lead-retrieval, and pre- and postevent

communications. Additionally, the maturing market

of virtual meetings in both two and three dimensional

platforms holds potential for enhancing some meeting

activities, and replacing other face-to-face gatherings.

Specific commercial services available to enhance or replace

face-to-face meetings will be explored.


Conducting Socially Responsible

Meeting Functions

Corporations are being encouraged to conduct all business

functions in a socially responsible manner, including meetings

and corporate travel. This includes the provision of "green

meeting" (environmentally friendly) principles in the way

meetings are conducted, the selection of meeting sites

which operate in a "green friendly" manner, and considering

eco-friendly methods of transportation or substitutes for

face-to-face meetings. The session may be geared toward

either a meeting planner or hotelier's perspective. A portion

of this is the way in which technology can assist in reducing

waste and carbon footprints of activities.


Providing Top Quality Convention

Sales and Services

This session will take a close look at the kinds of services and

facilities that should be provided to incoming groups from

the start of the planning process through the completion of

the event. Participants will learn to define and differentiate

the various conference markets, explain the goals of the

negotiating process for both the resort and event planner,

analyze facilities in preparation for site selection, understand

the basic planning process from the facility's perspective, be

conversant with the basic documents used by facilities in

hosting groups, and understand the basics of group food

and beverage planning.