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Gaming Operations and Management @ UFN

Gaming Operations and Management


Responsible Gaming

One of the key questions facing the global gaming industry

pertains to the challenges presented by those who gamble

problematically. This session will provide a summary of

international "best practices" (and worst practices) in this

area, and articulate a specific and customized plan for



Best practices in Casino and

Gaming Protection

This session discusses overall surveillance department

operations and the core skills necessary for both the individual

investigator and the department to succeed in the protection

of the business. Key surveillance skills and thorough

knowledge of casino and hotel operations are stressed.

Methods to protect operations and to detect cheating in

gaming, advantage play, and internal and external theft and

fraud are provided.


Psychology of Gambling

Scholars from Aristotle to Freud have been interested

in understanding why people gamble. After more than a

century of social science research on casino gambling, Reith

points out that the meanings of gambling are still incredibly

idiosyncratic. Gambling " multi-faceted: an exciting

leisure activity, a mundane form of consumption, a means

of socializing with others, an opportunity to display skill, a

hobby which offers the possibility of winning money. The

heterogeneity of games is matched by the heterogeneity of

players and motives" (Reith 1999, 126). The research into

gambler motivation will be reviewed and some new depth

research into the psyche of different types of gamblers

(slots, table, online) will be presented.


The Effects of Restaurants on

Gaming Volumes

This session dwells on estimating the effects of restaurants on

gaming volumes (using the assumption that diners translate

to gamers) and will be especially useful to those operating

restaurants at a loss. Given the magnitude of annual food

department losses, the analytical process advanced here is

worthy of careful consideration. This study not only examines

some interesting factual performance data, it also presents

some interesting research questions for the future.


The Role of Analysis in Gaming

The casino industry is unique in that much of the transactional

data produced by customers are not captured. Simple tables

are easy to use and understand, but they hide tremendous

amounts of important information. As a result, more

sophisticated forms of analysis and estimation are required

to make business decisions. In this session, we discuss the

basics of advanced analytical techniques and identify their

applicable uses to show that advanced forms of analysis can provide a sustainable competitive advantage. The analysis

challenges facing the gaming industry will also be examined,

including the necessary elements of cause and effect.

The session will help gaming executives better understand

the limitations and relative power of various forms of

analysis. Optional: A review of failed promotions in the

gaming industry.